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Shalee Mae Coleman is an early career theatrical director who works in the Twin Cities.

She graduated from Hamline University in 2013, and is a National Theater Institute Spring 2012 Alumnus. Shalee has previously worked with 20% Theatre Company, Freshwater Theatre, Theatre Unbound, Uprising Theatre Company and has self-produced work under Play-dot.

Shalee believes in a theatrical process that prioritizes sustainability and support for all collaborators. This means that while she chooses challenging work, she strives to ensure that the theatrical process prioritizes the emotional, psychological, and physical safety of all involved. 

Her aesthetic has been described as poetic as she blends movement, dance, and scene-work. Shalee almost exclusively chooses world or regional premiere work and favors heavy playwright involvement. A proponent of Own Voices, Shalee's work often puts issues of social justice at the forefront.

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